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Sustainability is becoming the duty of the next generation of products!

A radiant smile, fresh breath and a generally fit feeling - that's how everyone wants to start the day in the morning or go out in the evening. Here comes the YUZ energy boost Dental care with toothpaste and mouth rinse is just the thing: because it delivers the ultimate "hello-wake kick" during oral care and makes tired people perky.

YUZ energy boost scores not only as a wake-up call in the bathroom, but also as an environmentally friendly product with an eye for animal welfare. Toothpaste and mouthwash were developed entirely without animal testing. This goes without saying for YUZ, after all, the endangered Asian cheetah (called “Yuz” in its home country Iran) is the brand's heraldic animal. That's why YUZ energy boost made without animal testing, is vegan and is plant-based. For that invigorating feeling after usingYUZ energy boost For example, extracts from guarana, mate and green tea are mainly responsible. Coconut oil, especially in toothpaste, also causes natural teeth whitening. And the fresh green color of the mouth rinse is also based on the vegetable dye chlorophyll.

YUZ not only shows a knack for effective products with special additional benefits, but also for animal welfare and sustainability. The compatibility of the products was also considered: Neither YUZ energy boost toothpaste nor the YUZ energy boost mouthwash solution contain lactose or gluten so that as many people as possible can benefit from the refreshing, invigorating dental care.