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About Us

At YUZ, we develop and manufacture cosmetic and health products in Germany. In our oral care products, we combine knowledge of oriental medicine with clinical demands and the modern lifestyle in Europe - for innovations that do not yet exist!

Made out of conviction

We want the same thing as you: effective products, closeness to nature and real lifestyle added value! To achieve this, we all work hand in hand, from research and development to marketing and sales - with a broader view. Because we also develop the motives of the traditional Persian medicine, which has been tried and tested for centuries, for our modern care products "Made in Germany". We believe in bringing together the best of different worlds to offer outstanding innovations that strengthen everyday well-being - and thus make life better overall.

Heraldic animal with energy boost!

The cheetah is not only an extraordinarily elegant big cat. It also has the highest top speed of any land animal, accelerating faster than most sports cars. It only needs 3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h - shorter than it takes to read this sentence! It is also amazing: not all cheetahs are the same. Because in the Orient there is a subspecies: the "Yuz" - our heraldic animal! This Asiatic or Persian cheetah is one of the rarest of all mammals. But there is hope. In the meantime, a protection program has been set up, which is operated with love and commitment by those involved. Good news: its number is increasing again. We like that!

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