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YUZ - Traditional Persian Medicine

The desire for health and beauty is as old as humanity. Millions share the need for appropriate care at home - according to their own lifestyle, with effective products on a natural basis. So it's time to make “Tebbe Sonati” - Traditional Persian Medicine - known.

Oriental medicine can look back on thousands of years of history. The first teaching hospital was built here, and scholars like Ibn Sina - better known as Avicenna - are considered pioneers of modern medicine. They established valid ones to this day clinical forms of examination, meticulously studied human anatomy and the nature of diseases. Her rules for testing medicines and the recording of herbal recipes and their modes of action also revolutionized medicine.

Traditional Persian medicine always kept its finger on the pulse of the times. It will be scientifically reviewed continuously into the 21st century. Numerous studies by recognized universities confirm its effectiveness. Yesterday as now, she takes a holistic view of people - according to the ancient doctrine of "temperaments" - for individually balanced therapy. The potential of modern traditional Persian medicine as a useful addition to conventional medicine can therefore hardly be overestimated. UNESCO is currently examining the official inclusion of ancient oriental medicine in the list of the "intangible world cultural heritage" of mankind.