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Show me your temperament!

Posted by Team YUZ
Zeig mir Dein Temperament!

“Warm”, “Dry”, “Damp” and “Cold”: Traditional Persian Medicine (TPM) first of all distinguishes people into these four “temperaments”. As banal as this categorization may seem at first glance, on closer inspection it is very differentiated and a highly serious approach to diagnosis and subsequent therapy recommendation in the event of illness. Because just to determine a patient's temperament, numerous criteria are used: for example, weight, physique, hair and skin type, sleep behavior, agility (i.e. whether it is more an active or a lazy person) and behavior type (whether it is more of an impulsive or a calm person). In addition, further, external factors for diagnosis and therapy recommendations are taken into account - such as the professional background (whether a sedentary or a physically active activity is exercised) or the place of residence, which can be in a cold, temperate or warm region. On the basis of all this information, a treatment plan - which complements conventional medical therapies - is then developed in order to open up further opportunities for the patient to maintain his health.

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