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YUZ energy boost gets you fit for Berlin Fashion Week

Posted by Team YUZ
YUZ energy boost macht fit für die Berlin Fashion Week

Oral care with caffeine is coming into fashion!

Bad Homburg, January 10th, 2020 –– Fit for the catwalks during the day and fresh for the party late at night: YUZ energy boost promotes a radiant smile, clear breath and dynamic appearance all in one. For the Berlin Fashion Week, YUZ, together with a well-known beauty and lifestyle publisher, is now providing toothpaste and mouthwash with caffeine for players from the fashion world so that they can follow the new outfit trends in a lively manner. Not only is the new stimulating effect of YUZ energy boost in fashion, but also its natural formulation and high environmental friendliness.

With a cheetah to the catwalk: YUZ - the new premium brand with the sprinter cat in its logo - helps many keep pace at Berlin Fashion Week by giving out toothpastes and mouthwashes a hundred times over for Germany's first oral care product with caffeine. For one week, one fashion event in Berlin chases the next and with the innovative oral care from YUZ energy boost, the stages can be easily taken from morning to night. An amount of YUZ energy boost of 1 to 1,5 ml toothpaste per two-minute application recommended by a dentist or 15 ml mouthwash corresponds roughly to the effect of a cup of coffee or that of an energy drink!

An option for everyone who - whether during Fashion Week or any other week of the year - needs more to wake up and stay awake, who do not like the corresponding alternative drinks or whose schedules leave little room for coffee breaks at all. After all, the new oral hygiene with caffeine offers a very contemporary “2-in-1” solution - namely, with routine oral care for healthy teeth and a radiant smile, the desired “hello-wake” kick at the sink.

Toothpaste and mouth rinse contain dentist-approved and proven fluoride for effective caries prevention and stimulating caffeine, numerous other ingredients to further promote oral health. YUZ energy boost was developed according to the motifs of traditional Persian medicine, which has always understood people as a unit and also recognized the invigorating effect of caffeine at an early stage.

YUZ energy boost is also vegan, without lactose or gluten. The tube or bottle is made of sugar cane-based bioplastic with high recyclability, and the outer packaging comes from sustainable forestry. An all-round contemporary trend solution that can be seen - on the catwalk as well as in everyday life.


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