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YUZ energy boost - the cheetah that helps the Easter bunny on the jumps!

Posted by Team YUZ
YUZ energy boost – der Gepard, der Osterhasen auf die Sprünge hilft!

Get up early in the morning, quickly distribute Easter eggs, sweets and small presents in secret places in the garden or in the apartment unnoticed - the search can begin! Also this year at Easter, getting out of bed early, speed and a wide awake head when hiding is in demand. YUZ energy boost, the innovative oral care with the cheetah logo, is now helping Easter bunnies  really on the jumps! Because the Oral Care series with caffeine not only ensures efficient oral hygiene, but also a noticeable stimulant effect.

Easter also takes place in times of crisis, albeit under different circumstances and in a smaller family setting. If you want to put a special present in the Easter basket for your loved ones or simply want to make yourself happy, you have energy boost with YUZ  - Germany's first oral care with caffeine - an extraordinary option.

As innovative as this form of oral hygiene is, traditional Persian medicine recognized the invigorating effect of caffeine centuries ago and recommended it for use in various areas as part of its holistic view of people. YUZ is based on these motifs and has now made a lifestyle-oriented transformation into modern oral care with YUZ energy boost.

The toothpaste and mouthwash are available in Müller drugstores, at or in pharmacies.

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