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The heraldic animal of YUZ has a bite!

Posted by Team YUZ
Das Wappentier von YUZ hat Biss!

Fast, smooth, effective  - the heraldic animal of YUZ has bite!

"Ancyonyx": its generic name from the Greek means "immobile" - a curious description of the cheetah, the fastest land animal in the world! But slowly: it only refers to the claws, which - unlike its relatives - it cannot retract. So it has nothing to do with his sprinter skills. Because they are undisputed. The spotted robber with his typically long legs and the "tear streaks" on his face darts through the savannah at speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour. In order to achieve this speed, he is geared towards high performance from head to toe: from special muscles and the long oar tail to his detachable shoulders.
This is how the Cheetah not only achieves its legendary top speed, but also accelerates like no other land predator. Here it is completely astonishing: It only takes three seconds to go from zero to one hundred - that is, faster than this sentence is read by many. Even super sports cars can hardly keep up. And when it comes to braking and steering, the cheetah really moves in a different league. The rapid acceleration value of 5,5 meters per second is topped with 7,5 meters per second when decelerating, plus the change of direction at 90 degrees - at the latest now racing drivers will be crying.
Cheetahs reach their target more accurately than any other predator hunting individually. Up to seven out of ten of their hunts are successful. Lions, for example, can only dream of this.   

From 0 to 100 in 3 seconds. From 100 to 0? Hopefully never!   

Not all cheetahs are created equal. Because in the Orient there is a subspecies: the "Yuz"! This Asiatic or Persian cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus venaticus) is somewhat smaller and differs from its African cousin in optical details such as a more pronounced mane on the neck. Unfortunately also in its population: Because it is one of the rarest mammals at all - just under one hundred individuals still live in the national territory of Iran today. But there is hope: with the support of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the country has now launched a protection program that is being pursued with great commitment by all those involved. The importance of the Persian cheetah and its conservation is growing. August 31st of each year was declared National Day for the Protection of Yuz, and even the national soccer team is part of the game: they wear his likeness on their jerseys.

Oral care under the sign of the cheetah

Nomen est omen: The new oral care line YUZ from Dr. Kaschny HealthCare GmbH is named after the Persian short name of the Asian cheetah. The analogies between animal and brand are multifaceted: “The Yuz suits us perfectly. With its regional distribution area, it creates a reference to traditional Persian medicine, which our products are largely based on. With its elegance, it also underlines the premium character of the brand. It also symbolizes the quick effect and high efficiency of YUZ oral care, ”says the company. In spring 2019 the time has come: Then the brand will provide consumers in Germany with a solution that literally provides a cheetah-like “boost” effect in oral hygiene!      

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