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Tebbe Sonati - healthy from head to toe

Posted by Team YUZ
Tebbe Sonati – von Kopf bis Fuß auf Gesundheit eingestellt

Man is a marvel of nature, his anatomy and psyche complex, the interactions in the body finely timed and closely related to one another. In order to maintain health, this “miracle apparatus” of biology requires an eye for detail, which modern medicine has developed to a great extent. Diagnostic procedures and therapy recommendations have a targeted effect and are essentially based on the organs that need to be treated. However, it is not certain whether the measures always fully do justice to the said complexity of the human body and its internal interactions as well as the individual behavior of humans, their "nature" and the environmental influences that have a decisive influence on our health.

As beneficial as modern orthodox medicine is, which is undisputed - this is already proven by the generally far increased life expectancy with predominantly good health - it can still have one or the other “blind spot” when looking at people holistically. The approach and strategies of Traditional Persian Medicine (TPM) or “Tebbe Sonati” may help here. For centuries it has viewed the human being as a whole, as a unit, and through constant further development as a supplement to Western medicine, it has created additional approaches to diagnose diseases and to flank established conventional medical therapies. While observing the individual nature of each person, their way of life and with the development of complementary treatment options on a natural basis, it offers additional opportunities and possibilities in prophylaxis and therapy. It has been proven that it can provide valuable support with its approaches also or especially in modern times. The TPM is the subject of numerous studies, with more than 1.000 studies that have been published in European-recognized magazines.

In clinics in the Orient, there is increasing interdisciplinary cooperation with conventional medical disciplines, even a specialist training in the field of TPM has established itself, which doctors can follow up with their conventional medical training.


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