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Awakened! Coffee as an ingredient in traditional Persian medicine

Posted by Team YUZ
Aufgeweckt! Kaffee als Ingredienz der Traditionellen Persischen Medizin

It is THE fashion drink worldwide. Many can no longer imagine a life without him, he has risen to become a lifestyle icon: Sure, we're talking about coffee. Its taste seems to be of far less importance than its effect or rather that of its ingredient caffeine. Because it is particularly popular because of its awakening effect, precisely because of this "kick" that it gives. The winged words "First of all a coffee ...!" Get to the point. Traditional Persian Medicine (TPM) has also long known the effects of the drink or, better, of the caffeine. It has been an integral part of therapy recommendations for centuries. To this day, the effect of caffeine, for example to increase physical activity, against latent fatigue, against depression, as well as to dissolve mucus and to promote digestion against obesity, is emphasized in the TPM.

The new premium oral care brand YUZ follows this approach and has now developed a toothpaste with caffeine. It corresponds to the approach of oriental medicine to the holistic view of the human being - and offers not only efficient support for oral health but also that noticeably invigorating effect for body and mind. YUZ "energy boost": effective care product and trendy lifestyle product in one!



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