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The 5 most common excuses for being late

Posted by Team YUZ
Die 5 häufigsten Ausreden fürs Zuspätkommen

Too late at work - an embarrassing exception for some, almost routine for others. This is how one appears Survey According to the American career portal Careerbuilder, every fourth employee is late at work at least once a month. The survey provides the reasons given for this recurring faux pas. We take a look at the five most common excuses and give an insider tip against being late.

 “My dog ​​ate my duty roster!” “I got there in time, but fell asleep again in the company car park.” “My coffee was too hot and I had to let it cool down first.” Even if all these sentences were based on quotes from a silly It sounds like a comedy, as they are real excuses that workers in the United States used to justify being late. However, these bizarre reasons are more of the exceptions. As a rule, those who are caught late seem to refer to more credible scenarios - here are the top 5:

5th place: "Wasn't there something else?"
Forgetting objects ranks fifth among the most popular excuses for being late, with 13 percent. However, the survey did not reveal whether the abandoned wallet, the laptop on the living room table or the briefcase in the hallway were the reason for the delay.

4th place: "I could hardly open my eyes ..."
In fourth place, with 4 percent, is a reason that sounds surprisingly honest: “I was too tired to get out of bed.” However, employers are only rarely allowed to turn a blind eye to this argument.

3rd place: "Have you ever looked out the window?"
The weather is not only a popular topic for daily small talk, it obviously also serves as an excuse for many people. After all, 28 percent of the employees considered in the survey blamed their late arrival on bad weather conditions - that's number 3.

2nd place: "I guess I didn't hear my alarm clock."
With a proud 31 percent, good old oversleeping secured second place among the most common excuses for being late. That sounds a bit unimaginative. When it comes to the question of “why?”, All the more creativity is required. Didn't hear the alarm clock? Missed the time change? Just too tired after working overtime the day before? There are hardly any limits to what you can imagine.

1st place: "We just couldn't move forward!"
While oversleeping is already pretty close to an admission of guilt, there is again a reason in first place, in which external circumstances serve as a scapegoat. The traffic situation is clearly at the top at 1 percent. Only those who get to work by other means than their boss should get away with this excuse.

Why not without excuses?
Ideally, of course, you don't even get embarrassed to use an excuse to be late. After all, the survey also shows that 60 percent of all employers expect their employees to be punctual every day. Toothpaste containing caffeine can prove to be an effective aid in this context YUZ energy boost prove Not only does it protect your teeth, it also wakes you up when brushing. This is how you start the day fit and can also save a few minutes at the coffee machine - possibly the decisive factor when it comes to the morning fight against the clock!



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