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Disinfectants with the power of nature - effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses!

Posted by Team YUZ

Currently, cleanliness and hygiene are particularly important. So it's good to be able to rely on your hand disinfection - as with YUZ PURE, the new disinfectant with extracts from frankincense, arnica and lavender oil. Inspired by traditional Persian medicine, it combines the high effectiveness of bio-compliant alcohol with natural ingredients. Available as a spray and gel, YUZ PURE works effectively against bacteria, fungi and viruses, is quickly absorbed and forms a protective film on the hands.

YUZ PUREKnown for highly innovative care products, the latest development of the YUZ brand is once again in line with the spirit of the times: With YUZ PURE, the startup company from Bad Homburg in Hesse is now launching an effective means of hand disinfection - inspired by the knowledge of oriental medicine. The 60 percent alcohol, which is biocompliant extracted from sugar cane, is responsible for the high effectiveness against bacteria, fungi and viruses. In this way, YUZ PURE ensures reliable protection.


A recipe with a story

Based on the motifs of traditional Persian medicine, YUZ PURE also contains proven natural active ingredients - above all high-dose frankincense. The healing power of this “disinfectant from mother nature” was known to oriental scholars such as the Medicus Avicenna centuries ago. Frankincense, for example, has an anti-inflammatory effect due to the active ingredient boswellic acid. It is generally used, among other things, in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis or infections of the respiratory tract.

Arnica also has an anti-inflammatory effect. The extracts of this medicinal plant also promote the healing of minor surface injuries to the skin and form a protective film. The trio of natural ingredients is completed by the soothing lavender. The name, derived from the Latin “lavare” (to wash), shows the close connection this plant has with cleanliness and hygiene. In YUZ PURE she is also responsible for the soothing scent.

Good for people, fair to nature

Due to its special formulation, YUZ PURE is not only effective against potentially dangerous germs, it was also designed with its natural ingredients to promote overall well-being. In addition, the hand disinfectant is vegan and does not contain any microplastics. Instead, the plant-based dye chlorophyll or a guar bean-based thickener is also used in other ways. Developed and manufactured entirely in Germany, the brand with the cheetah in its logo does not, of course, test animals - good for people, fair to nature!


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