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YUZ PURE - with the power of nature

Posted by Team YUZ

Inspired by traditional Persian medicine, YUZ PURE combines the high effectiveness of biocompliant alcohol with natural ingredients - above all frankincense, arnica and lavender.

YUZ PUREThe three kings brought frankincense. No wonder, since it was already considered one of the most important medicinal products in ancient times. For centuries, oriental doctors swore by the healing power of frankincense, which is a hardened form of the gum resin myrrh. Its disinfecting effect was also highly valued in the Middle Ages. From then until today, a large censer is waved in the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, the destination of the Way of St. James: the pilgrims in earlier centuries offered a breeding ground for pathogens after a long march, which is why the disinfecting incense was used here. In addition to body disinfection, incense is also used to keep rooms and objects clean. Its active ingredient, boswellic acid, also counteracts inflammation such as rheumatoid arthritis and chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. It is also used for bronchial asthma and infections of the respiratory tract.




Arnica also has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, Ar
nika is also recognized as a wound healing agent for skin problems and minor injuries. Sebastian Kneipp already referred to the beneficial Effect of arnica in various indications such as unbloody injuries. Today the popular medicinal plant is also used for sore throat and tonsillitis, hoarseness, bronchitis and cough as well as for fever and flu-like infections. Arnica not only works against bacteria and fungi, but also has an immune stimulating effect.



YUZ PUREThe trio of natural ingredients is completed by the soothing lavender. The name, derived from the Latin “lavare” (to wash), shows the close connection this plant has with cleanliness and hygiene. In the middle ages For example, Hildegard von Bingen recommended lavender as a defense against Vermin, and today its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are recognized. In addition, the external application calms you down Lavender for the skin: It is used, for example, for skin problems such as itching, eczema, acne, scars, sunburn, insect bites and for allergic skin reactions. The best known is lavender but certainly for its beguiling scent, which also gives YUZ PURE its pleasant smell.







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